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service that we provide

Website Design
Rs. 6,000
Web Developing
Rs. 15,000
Rs. 10,000

Work Flow

Website designing
We design very user friendly websites as per the client need. We design sites for business, conferences, hotels, restaurants, shops, hospitals and schools. We have effective budget packages for small investors.
Web maintenance
Web offer our services for your website maintenance on aspects of making website updates with latest technologies.
Website development
As Web Development Company we work with various web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript. We are not only designing web sites as per the customer need we also develop successful outcomes online for business.
Domain represents an internet protocol which a computer used to access the internet. Domain can be different types like .com, .net, .gov, .in etc.
Mailer is a part of Digital marketing under which we can make a glance f our product, which will be send to our various customers
Web Hosting
A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. We offer web hosting service so that the website of our clients can be accessible at internet.
Online Marketing
under online marketing a company can do marketing of their products over internet.
Google Adwords
The products can also be promoted through Google Adwords..
Bulk Email
when a company send bulk emails to their customers about their products. It is a part of Digital marketing.

Computer Maintenance

Assembling and upgradating computers
We can assemble the computers and upgrade the existing computers with the latest technologies
New Computer and Laptop
We provide new computers and laptops at affordable prices according to the customer need
Virus Protection
Virus can cause a huge data loss and system crash , to prevent systmes from virus we provide you the services for virus protection
Hard disk data recovery
The failure of hard disk could reason a loss of data which are very important for every entity. We can help to get this data recover.
Desktop/Laptop repair
We can repair the desktop computers as well as laptops as per the clients’ requirement
New computers and laptops
We provide new computers and laptops at affordable prices according to the customer need
Software upgradations
Software always changes as per the requirements because of the changing technologies we can give software upgradation services as per the business need.
Services based on internet
Services which are totally based on internet we can also provide you
All services related to networking
We provide all services which are related to networking